Manufacturing Services
Texas Automation Products, Inc.  started in 1960 as an OEM manufacturer and developed manufacturing processes based on a strong commitment to Quality, Durability, Exceptional Customer Satisfaction and Service .    We now offer custom machining services based on these principles including prototyping, small and large production CNC parts, and electric motor repair.
​​​​​​​CNC Vertical Milling 

CNC Milled Prototype and production parts
with travel capabilities of 50" by 23" with a
maximum Z height of 25"

CNC Turning

CNC turned Prototype and production parts
with maximum 60" length with a 12" swing.

Water Jet Specifications

Maximum sheet size
 5' by 10' 

Manual Turning Specifications

Maximum bed size
22 1/2" swing by 144" 
Weld and re-turn rotor journals
Bore and Sleeve End Bells

Sheet Metal Specifications

Shear 12'  by 3/16"
Break 12' by 1/4"

Automated Sawing Specifications

Maximum saw cut
​​​​​​​13" by 16"